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BIM Level 2

Building Information Modelling or 'BIM' according to PAS1192 is defined, “as the process of designing, constructing or operating a building or infrastructure asset using electronic object-oriented information.”

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Strategic objectives to achieve maturity Level 2 BIM were identified and mandated by the UK Government for all public-sector asset procurement; when applied to private sector building projects, they can also share such immense benefits as the reduction in “inaccurate, incomplete and ambiguous” information which results in “unnecessary additional capital delivery costs.”

The BIM approach allows designers, project managers and constructors to effectively work together and share information to develop an integrated solution that best meets the client’s and building’s requirements.


ICG, as a leading mid-sized construction company, has embraced implementation of the BIM process on current projects to take advantage of the benefits.

We are focused on implementing BIM at the core of all our design and construction delivery processes to help our clients derive the full benefits. This includes collaboratively supporting continuous improvement of our supply chain to greater efficiency, producing better quality, cutting delivery time and saving costs to reduce overall risk exposure.

BIM Holistic View

The benefits to you

Our use of BIM involves throughout the various stages of construction project delivery. It also empowers procurement teams and project managers to make informed decisions about where to invest and/or reduce waste.

During the design phase, parametric models are authored by each design discipline and shared progressively with the design team at agreed intervals with the benefit of aiding efficient design through collaborative review by the team, thus assuring early coordinated design.

BIM Holistic View

BIM adds value to every aspect of the construction phase. Not only does it ensure buildability of the asset but during construction it provides such a robust basis for real Integrated Project Delivery, seamless integration of off-site fabrication, automated simulation of construction sequence and, not least, performance analysis.

BIM Holistic View

At ICG, we continue to improve our service delivery to better support our clients’ aspirations by implementing BIM for the efficient operation, management and maintenance of their assets. Our expertise allows us to encourage a collective understanding of the BIM process by increasing clients’ knowledge and teaching the skills required to access the enormous benefits of BIM, such as reducing operational costs, carbon footprint and improved asset management.

Best-in-Class Innovations

Our new head office in Sevenoaks incorporates a dedicated BIM suite, with live camera feeds and the latest construction software to demonstrate construction works on site and to centrally manage all projects with a full overview in real time.

This capability, along with the BIM model, allows us to share comparative up-to-date information with clients at the push of a button, offering better communication and a progressive integrated project delivery.

Our team is committed to providing design and construction information to suit the BIM requirements for any project. With constant investment in BIM technology and training, we are at the forefront of the latest developments in this field and optimistic about the improvements it will bring to the construction industry.