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In addition to our commitment to delivering high-quality designs that function well, we work in close collaboration with our clients to fully understand their specific needs to define clear briefs and develop the smart and innovative solution that meets their requirements.

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To give stakeholders the required edge with broad investment decisions, our scope of services to support them goes well beyond meeting just the architectural requirements. We are partnered with a team of specialists and chosen consultants to provide a range of comprehensive services from site appraisal, site investigation and risk analysis to site development and managing the entire process on behalf of our clients.

Through our multi-disciplinary design management consultancy service, we can offer clients a range of services to cater to their requests and also provide them full access to those they may not have anticipated, furnishing them efficiency savings on overall project cost.

We are confident that we can achieve considerable cost savings based on our expert BIM solution. For example, carrying out 3D digital survey measurements with BIM-ready output provides efficient and highly accurate, verified measurements aiding visual illustration. These outputs later feed into the building design parametric 3D modelling.

BIM is used throughout the collaborative development process. It enables us to assess the full asset lifecycle and therefore advise stakeholders on a build’s future adaptability encouraging their excitement around the development.

Whether for a refurbishment or a new building project, a commercial or a residential property, by working collaboratively with clients, we produce the best results.