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Project Management

Our unique combination of services ensures we cater to all client needs enabling them to relax, knowing that we are in control of their project. Dedicated to bringing clarity to the build process, clients and suppliers have a clear understanding of costs, deadlines and responsibilities to create a seamless journey.

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Quality materials and quality service create a quality building

Our commitment to producing the best developments for our clients means that quality is always a priority. Using the latest construction technology enables us to evaluate materials and advise clients on the best choices based on each individual project’s requirements and environmental factors. Our emphasis on quality also extends to our team of practitioners. We understand the value of effective communication to clients, contractors and stakeholders and appreciate that this is fundamental when providing quality service for clients.

Cultivating collaborative relationships

We believe that our team’s ability to work in a collaborative manner is the reason we consistently deliver successful projects to time and budget. From the get-go we consult all clients and stakeholders to ensure that we fully understand their requirements and ideas. From this, our team provide clients with a clear view of the project so they can feedback. We then communicate all necessary information to architects, builders and service providers and work with them to assign timings and responsibility. Forming strong relationships based on trust with clients and suppliers ensures we are all working towards the same goal.

Our design management process together with our specialist BIM suite means that our developments are centrally managed so that our consultants are in complete control. This enables them to anticipate delays or problems and adapt plans to keep projects to time and within budget.

Management is central to success

Effective management is key to our success. Our project managers establish clear lines of communication at the initial planning stages to help keep clients and suppliers up-to-date with project progress, timings and responsibilities.

Our design management processes also assign clearly defined roles to ensure that all aspects of the build, from installation to health and safety and environmental considerations are covered.

Our connectivity to individual sites enables our team to centrally manage all developments and access site information, live feeds and plans at the touch of a button to maintain complete awareness and control.

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