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We pride ourselves on our commitment to delivering the best results and draw from our understanding of the latest modern construction methods and traditional building techniques to create the most effective approach to development.

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Heralded as one the biggest changes to the construction industry, we are embracing the introduction of BIM Level 2 compliancy as it offers the opportunity for far more collaboration and clarity throughout the construction management model. For this reason we have developed a specialist BIM suite to pass on the benefits of this approach to all of our clients across the public and private sectors.

Construction Management

1. Working with you to define and refine the project brief and ensure that the project scope is comprehensive and meets your needs.

2. We analyse the different construction methodologies and sequence of activities to develop the most effective project programme
for you.

3. We will review the drawings and specifications from the consultants to split the works into different trade packages. Getting the right split of trade packages means we bring you the best market value.

4. Our tender processes ensure the relevant trade packages will be procured in time to meet the construction programme for delivery of your project.

5. We use our supply chain to get early involvement of specialist trade contractors in the design process allowing complex fit outs/finishing packages to be designed in detail.

6. We use our market intelligence and long standing supply chain relationships to provide the best value for your product.

7. Construction operations are controlled by our experienced management team to ensure your programme, quality and health & safety parameters are adhered to.

8. Operations and commissioning documentation is managed by us throughout the construction process to ensure that the completed building functions can be controlled efficiently by you from the point of handover.



Construction Management is a structure for procurement that differs from the traditional Design and Build model and sees a client directly manage a series of specialist contracts and appointments without the involvement of a main contractor.

Is Construction Management the right approach for you? It’s about weighing up the risks and rewards.

Advantages to Construction Management

  • An accelerated programme, overlapping design and construction
  • The ability to closely manage cost during design and procurement
  • Proactive management of the design and construction process to minimise impact of change and other causes of disruption
  • The client has hands-on involvement in the project
  • Professional team, including the construction manager, is focused on meeting the client’s needs
  • Full control over the final design including the opportunity to incorporate designs from specialist contractors
  • Early appointment of construction advisers and specialist trade contractors
  • The client can influence the selection of trade contractors
  • One-to-one contractual relationships
  • Management focus on programme, sequencing and buildability
  • The client is responsible for tendering and contractual arrangements
  • Opportunity to package the work to suit the capability of the trade contractors and to manage on-site interfaces
  • Ability to identify and act upon poor trade contractor performance


  • Design co-ordination risk and increased likelihood of changes to design
  • No cost certainty until all packages are let and no single point lump-sum cost commitment
  • Exposure to risk associated with construction manager and team performance. Reliance on the capability of construction manager and project team to correctly forecast consequences of change. Responsibility to fund solutions to problems should they occur
  • Increased administration role for the client
  • The construction manager and professional team owe duty of care liability only
  • High degree of client ownership of risks associated with design including impacts of late or incomplete and uncoordinated design
  • Added complexity of one-to-one contractual relationships
  • Reliance on management capability of construction manager
  • Client position at centre of management requires effective decision-making
  • Client exposure to performance risk and exposure to consequential loss associated with trade contractor default.

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